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Advantages and disadvantages of staplers


A stapler is a very practical office tool that can bind multiple files and documents together for easy reading and storage. Here are some pros and cons of staplers:


Convenient and fast: Using a stapler, you can quickly bind the papers together, and the binding is very strong and not easy to fall apart;

Improve efficiency: After the documents are bound, they are easy to store and manage, which can improve work efficiency;

Affordable price: The stapler is relatively low-priced and suitable for personal and small and medium-sized business use.


Trouble with renovation: After using a stapler to bind documents, you need to open the documents page by page to view them, which is not as convenient as using clips or folders;

Limited timeliness: After using a stapler to bind documents, it is difficult to change and add other documents. Once bound, they need to be kept in this order;

High requirements for documents: If you want to bind documents together, you need to ensure that the paper sizes are consistent, otherwise it will be difficult to bind them successfully.

To sum up, the stapler is a very practical tool in the office, but its use needs to take into account various factors of document management and choose according to your needs.

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