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What are Marker Pens?


Marker Pens are a commonly used type of pen that is similar to a fountain pen or ballpoint pen and is used for drawing and writing on paper or other surfaces. Marker Pens mainly come in the following types:

Oil-based marker pens: This type of Marker Pens uses ink and is usually suitable for indoor and outdoor use in areas with strong light. It can be written on different types of surfaces, such as paper, glass, metal, cloth, etc.

Water-based Marker Pens: This type of Marker Pens uses water-based paint, which can write and draw on different types of surfaces. Its water-based paint dries quickly and won't smudge easily.

Alcohol-based marker pens: This type of Marker Pens uses alcohol-based oil ink and can write and draw on a variety of surfaces. Its ink is clear and dry, making it suitable for writing and drawing situations where good color and clarity need to be maintained.

Marker Pens usually have the following characteristics:

Durable: Marker Pens are usually very durable and can be reused for frequent use occasions.

Light and convenient: Marker Pens are small in size, light and convenient, and can usually be carried around.

Variety of colors: Marker Pens often come in a variety of colors, which makes them useful, especially for graphics and depictions.

In short, Marker Pens are practical pens that are very convenient and commonly used in drawing, writing and marking.

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